Power of the people

AfriCan is an initiative to eradicate hepatitis C in Africa by 2025,
by spreading awareness, prevention methods and ways of getting treatment throughout Africa.

We designed a model that is the alliance of Foundations in Africa affiliated with African top influencers to start a movement, help raise awareness of the disease to prevent new patients from getting infected, and spread the awareness of the cure.

Customize the Egyptian prototype to the details of each target country.

Help spread awareness through on-ground, digital, and celebrities engagement.

Help initiate screening campaigns.

Fundraise to cure low-income patients.

Local networking to achieve all the above goals.


Has a Role

Business Men and Big Families

Provide the financial support to help out around them cure people

Civil and Charity

Fund raising and volunteering

Large Companies

Facilitate the screening process for employees, and provide payment options for the package


Spread awareness, provide volunteers, and provide doctors to help out with screening and consultation

Africa… the first Hep C free continent of the world